Firemark Ventures is IAG’s corporate venture capital arm. IAG is Australia and New Zealand’s largest general insurer.

Our purpose is to strategically invest and partner with world leading start-ups that have the potential to materially impact IAG’s business


Budgeting and planning for personal finances


Online marketplace to outsource  everyday tasks

TicToc White.png

Digital mortgages  with fast  approval & low costs

Quantiful White.png

ML technology to  sense real-time  consumer demand


Continuous  assessment  of cyber risk


Family safety and mobility app.

Bluedot White.png

Geo-location  platform –unlocking  the power of places

DAS White.png

New generation  rural intelligence

Hyper Anna White.png

Siri for business  intelligence

Property Safe.png

Property inspections & maintenance

ActivePipe White.png

Maximising real  estate agents’ lead  conversion & reach

Arturo White.png

Computer vision & predictive analytics to determine physical property characteristics

While each investment is unique and assessed on its own merits, our core investment requirements are below:

Must be aligned to our focus areas


Series A funding rounds and above


Clear demonstration of product market fit (i.e., significant traction and proof of the business model through recurring revenue, user acquisition etc.)

We typically don’t lead funding rounds. We look for another reputable investor (venture fund, corporate investor or otherwise) to be leading the round

Founders must have adequate ‘skin in the game’

We prefer preference shares over ordinary shares

We like to see that companies have an appropriate ESOP >10% unallocated

Each investment is different, but generally our process will look something like the below:

Scott Gunther

General Partner

Mike Dovey

General Partner

Mark Baragwanath

General Partner

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